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Who Are We


“If you ask a historian, or good and amiable readers, he will answer that the grave of the beautiful Parthenope is on the high ground of San Giovanni Maggiore, where the sea lapped the foot of the mound at the time. Another will tell you that Parthenope’s grave is on the hill of Sant’Aniello, towards the countryside, under Capodimonte. Well, I tell you it’s not true. Parthenope has no grave, Parthenope is not dead. She lives, splendid, young and beautiful, since five thousand years. She still runs on the hillocks, she wanders on the beach, she faces the volcano, she gets lost in the valleys. It is she who makes our city intoxicated with light and crowds of colors: it is she who makes the stars shine on clear nights; it is she who makes the scent of orange irresistible; it is she who makes the sea phosphorus. When on hot April days a warm aura floods with well-being is her sweet breath: when in the green distance of the Capodimonte wood we see a white shadow appearing tied to another shadow, she is with her lover; when we hear the sound of loving words in the air; it is her voice that speaks them; when a noise of kisses, indistinct, subdued, startles us, it is her kisses; when a rustle of clothes makes us shudder at the memory, it is her peplum that crawls on the arena, it is her light foot that flies over; when from afar, we feel ourselves embraced by the flame of a frightening eruption, it is her fire that embraces us. It is she who makes the city go crazy: it is she who makes her languish and pale with love: it is she who makes her writh with passion on the violent days of August. Parthenope, the virgin, the woman, does not die, has no grave, is immortal, is love. Naples is the city of love. “

This is how Matilde Serao defined Parthenope and it is precisely from these words that everything comes to life.

Our Story

The Parthenope brand comes to life from two Neapolitan girls, in love with fashion and the sea, with their land: Naples; to which they wanted to pay homage with the whole collection. In fact, both kaftans and bags have details that refer to the Campania region, from the simple and original use of ‘MADE IN NAPLES’ to the names used for each item. But before we get to all this, we want to tell you a bit about the story of how it all started: two Neapolitan sisters, one day just for fun, start thinking about how to evolve the family business that has been going on for years. In fact, the two work at the Cis of Nola, where they deal with fashion accessories, laces, trimmings and so on; although these are also part of the fashion world, the two girls wanted to test themselves and without any experience in the field of clothing production they started to create samples using the material they have always sold, renewing and regenerating it. They inquired about the search for fabrics, they took the trimmings that were more fashionable and trendy for them, and after a long market analysis they started to create. There were many tests, everything had to be perfect and as it was thought in their heads. Despite the thousand hitches, they never stopped. Their goal was one and it was simple: to transmit their passion, as they have always done in everyday life. With so many sacrifices and humility, the collection gradually began to take shape and they could only be more enthusiastic, yet something was missing, their touch, their story.

That’s why Parthenope: nothing like their land could enhance them and represent them at best, the values and warmth that are offered by this are in fact the same that the girls carry on and to pay homage to each kaftan was given the name of a mermaid as Parthenope itself, to each bag the name of a Campania city.

There is a lot of love and passion behind this project, with the hope that it will also be passed on to you, we wish you a good shopping trip.

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